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A mystery, The White Ribbon Man, was launched in 2018.

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Mary Lou Dickinson’s fourth book is a mystery, “The White Ribbon Man.” Set in Toronto, it highlights a diverse city that has become a travel destination for many! When a woman goes into a church to use the washroom, she sees a terrifying scene. On the floor are legs sticking out of one of the stalls.

The woman screams!

Others come!

Police are called!

Who is the woman?

No one knows.

There is no identification, just an empty purse.

What happened to her?

Who are the people in this church on a November Sunday morning? And how do they react?

Read Dickinson’s mystery to find out.

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“One Day It Happens” short story collection. 2007

Ile ‘Or” Novel. 2010

“Would I Lie To You” Novel. 2014

The books can be ordered through your local bookstore, from the publisher (www.innana.ca) & online at www.alllitup.ca; www.amazon.ca