Reviews of Ile d'Or

Gold that glitters
by Edward Brown
The Daily Review, Tue., Sep. 14, 2010
The Globe and Mail


Old-fashioned (in a good way) Canadian story
by Editor Eric, July 2010
Town Crier newspapers (Toronto)

by Denis Cloutier.  L'indice bohemian. Journal culturel de l'abitibi-temiscamingue. 2016.



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Reviews of One Day It Happens

Review of One Day It Happens
by Lee Gold

Ordinary Lives Examined
by Lee Baxter
Canadian Literature, December 8, 2011

Reviewed in the Globe and Mail by Jim Bartley,
July 14, 2007.
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The stories in One Day It Happens speak to the truths about ordinary people’s lives as they deal with loneliness, abuse, aging, loss and death. Mary Lou Dickinson shows good insight into her characters and her stories have a refreshing sense of honesty and forthrightness that make this volume a memorable read.
— Joy Kogawa, author of Obasan, The Rain Ascends, and Emily Kato.
These are lucid, passionate stories about contemporary urban characters who enjoy friendships, go to cottages and plays, write, paint, travel until “one day it happens”: their lives are torn by crisis, by illness, death, memory of horrors—or by the realization that freedom is theirs, if they can only enter the moment. Mary Lou Dickinson writes with strength and wisdom.
— Elizabeth Greene, Associate Professor, Queen's University and Editor of We Who Can Fly: Poems, Essays, Memories in Honour of Adele Wiseman