Summer 2009

Just back from the north. Spent a week in French in Val d'Or. Another week in Haileybury. With friends. I revised the short story, 'The Photograph,' on the train. It's almost another story now. Otherwise, just enjoyed myself. Read two novels in French. The photos below are among over 300 I took as a journal instead of writing one. The bookstore is in Val d'Or and the owner, Marlene Cote, wanted a photo with me. She also wanted me to sign the two copies of my book in the store. She'd read it and commented on one story in particular, 'The Empty Chair.' It was a treat to meet her. I asked her for recommendations on French novels and she suggested the two I bought and read. The waterfront photo is of Haileybury (on the shore of Lake Temiskaming), a perfect spot to live except it's too far away from my family and my friends in the city. Oh well! I had a good time and Helen in Val d'Or and Margie in Haileybury think we should make it an annual affair. Lovely offer!
Posted on July 25, 2009 .