Review in 'Rover, Montreal Arts Uncovered'

Review on December 6, 2010

The reviewer, Claire Holden Rothman, points outa serious historical error in the book as well as giving it a good review. Very embarrassing to have missed the error on the fate of James Cross on p. 247. It was picked up by a friend (indeed two friends) right after publication and will be changed if there's ever another edition, whether another printing or an electronic edition. Since realizing that I had made this factual error in the book (can't imagine how I missed it as I actually knew/know better myself) I have told readers about it (at readings and signings) with both apology and humour. I haven't told them what the error is/was, but challenged them to look for it, to see if they pick it up themselves, while reading the book. It hasn't deterred people from buying the book. As my friend who discovered it says..."A blooper is just a blooper." Indeed! In any case, thanks to Claire Holden Rothman for an interesting and honest review.
Posted on December 6, 2010 .