Finding Time to Write When On Crutches.

With the prospect of weeks of having to remain at home off my feet, I visualized words flowing as I sat at my computer. Alas, instead I spend my time writing and responding to email as I attempt to stay in touch with the outside world. Still, I have written a couple of blog posts and done a bit of revision on a short story or two. And patted myself on the back for creating a team of friends who have been absolutely amazing in making sure I am not isolated, that I have food to eat, fresh laundry, cut grass, library books, good conversation. Oh yes, transportation, too, to medical appointments. And one friend drove me to an ice cream parlour where we had huge scoops in waffle cones that we savoured, watching the action on a busy street. A break from the chair on the front porch, which in this season is also wonderful. Neighbours come to talk when they see me with my foot wrapped in white in a black surgical sandal and my crutches leaning against the house.
           So I savour this time of friendship that has given me an incredible sense of support and of knowing how generous and caring people can be. I can be so independent most of the time that I don't ask for help and forget that is all I have to do for someone to be able to offer that help. It is also sobering to be reminded that there are people who are not so fortunate who struggle all the time with one level of disability or other. I will strive not to forget about them as time goes along and my own time on crutches ends.
           Now I will try to do a bit of writing before the day gets any older, before the phone starts to ring and the neighbour who drops off a newspaper arrives. When I have the morning Globe and Mail, I will sit out on the porch to read it and enjoy a bit of this sunny summer day before it reaches its height in terms of heat and humidity. And when the crutches are no longer necessary some time in September, I will strive to keep up with all these friends who have been so generous. I will hope that the folks who drop by will continue to do so. And I will hand out gold stars to all my wonderful friends and let them know I will be there for them when they need me.

Posted on August 17, 2011 .