Crutches. Another Countdown.

The countdown is over after six weeks. Or I thought it would be. Now there is another, unexpected one. I am not able to throw away the crutches, but must use them for another 35 days. Unimaginable. Or at least, I would rather not imagine it. Or is it to be more valuable writing time? Time to read through the novel again. To continue revising short stories. Since I am able to go out more, I will do that, too, when I can find transportation. Even if I had a car I couldn't drive it as it is the right foot that is not weight bearing for now.

I hope friends will continue to drop by. The porch will get cooler, but fall weather is generally pleasant. I tell myself it won't be so bad, but I haven't managed to convince myself yet! Instead I am still sad and disappointed at this continued restriction on my mobility.

Maybe there is a poem I will write about crutches. Or a story. In the meantime,there will be photos! Oh, and I think I can do the cha cha on one foot and one heel, but it wouldn't help with the healing. So for now  I will resist the temptation to go dancing.
Posted on September 10, 2011 .