Fall Sky Over the St, Lawrence. 2011

Photo by Nicole Gombay

This sky reminds me of skies in northern Quebec where I grew up. It is solace for my soul when life in an urban metropolis feels overwhelming.  At the moment, what does that to me is not the city but the lengthy period I must spend on crutches. I think, I read, I write, but after a few weeks, having one's freedom of movement curtailed becomes almost unbearable. Today the ennui was relieved when my niece arrived in her car and she took me to vote at an advance poll (Ontario election). We also went to the grocery store, something I haven't been able to do since July. I find the firsts very exciting, even something so mundane as going to my local NO Frills store. I haven't ever shopped on crutches before, so that was an eye opener. I suppose there is a story in all of this, but at this point I look forward to putting it all behind me. I get sick of following my friends only on Facebook, wish I could join them at Word on the Street tomorrow. I hope the weather holds up and that it is a great day for books in Toronto. And everywhere else WOTS is being held on this last Sunday in September.
Posted on September 24, 2011 .