The Life of a Writer. #1. What I do to avoid writing.

Ah well. I think about it a lot. I make my bed. Do the laundry. Cook. Bake. Do you want a recipe for cheesies made with rice krispies? Or an apple crisp made with cinnamon raisin bread as a topping? I've made both of these this weekend. I ate the apple dessert in two days. The challenge becomes not to eat the cheesies before going to the Christmas party of my writing group later this week. I think I'll make a salad for that as well.

Oh yes, I went to St. Lawrence Market yesterday morning. Then had a friend over for lunch. She is en route from the east coast to Saskatoon where she lives now. She brought the flowers!

I also read both the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, Saturday editions. And am reading a couple of books. And I guess while all of it was interesting and even necessary, now it is time to do some work.
Posted on December 4, 2011 .