Now is the time to start to write again after all the upheaval of downsizing and moving. So last evening I went to my Writers Group to be surrounded by others who pursue this lonely passion. Think about it! Isn't it more appealing to connect with one's colleagues than to face the blank screen. It could sound like avoidance, but the hope is it will increase my courage and stamina to face the hours of work that writing demands. There are so many distractions at any time and during my recent move they took over.

Last night at the Moosemeat Writers' Group we reviewed flash fiction. Some members brought pieces for critique of 500 words or less, our word limit for stories that are complete but brief. The format for critique around flash fiction is different from our regular meeting (which you can see at www.moosemeat.org) and allows immediate feedback. Copies of the piece are passed around and as the writer reads aloud, the rest of us listen and mark up our copies to return after discussion to the writer. We do this in preparation for our annual chapbook which we launch with a reading, This year the launch will be at the Arts and Letters Club on Friday, June 1sr  at 7 p.m. One of the co-hosts is Jerry Schaefer. Last year the other co- host was Isabel Matawawana. At the moment, Is is teaching English in South Korea, but she will undoubtedly be cheering us on. The other co-host this year has yet to be formally announced. Stay tuned.
Posted on April 13, 2012 .