#6. Life of a Writer. Move Accomplished. Now What?

Well, friends and readers and visitors, it's done. I've moved. And after a month of unpacking, rearranging, organizing, getting estimates and then getting the jobs done, I am settling in. I figure it will take a year to decide where to hang paintings and photographs and to get a few pieces of furniture to fill the gaps. Not sure where to start, but after a few days in Montreal I came 'home' (yes, it's home now) and realized it's time to start writing again.

Two pieces of flash fiction later, I hauled out (or downloaded) a number of pieces I am contemplating doing further work on to see where to begin. I haven't really decided, but have revised 3 stories in a collection and read through the first two chapters of a mystery novel, also in progress. I guess the main thing is that I can now take part of each day to work on these and other things as I establish a work routine for my new environment.

More to the point in some ways, the leaves outside my window have changed from the fragile first buds of spring to full-blown green leaves. This is what I see from every vantage point in this new location, even though I am downtown and central now. Also see the sky, which has been clear and blue today. Last night I was fascinated with the dark thunder clouds that rumbled in. It reminds me of observing sky from a cottage on a lake in northern Quebec in childhood, from a beach on a Gulf Island, from anywhere where a view of the sky was unobstructed.

I think this will be a good place to write as well as a good place to live! Wish me luck...
Posted on May 4, 2012 .