#10. Life of a Writer. No time to waste.

An interesting report, positive, from reader for my agent on my mystery, "Two Left Feet." The report points out strengths and also what might benefit from revision. So...no longer is there time to waste as the writer (yours truly) sinks her teeth into revising.

Some remarks lead to obvious solutions. An error can be corrected by doing a bit of research. Others require a lot of time and thought. How does one take someone's POV (point of view) out of a story/novel and yet have them visible and known through the eyes of others? Well, that's precisely it...through the eyes of others. Not so easy really. Thoughts can't be conveyed through others most of the time, unless there is something obvious occurring that suggests them.

At any rate, that is today's challenge. Likely next week's and next month's also. I will keep on working on it and possibly (probably) report back in further posts.

Luciana Ricciutelli (R), editor at Inanna, with two of her authors. Zoe Roy(L) and Mary Lou Dickinson (middle) at WOTS, Sept. 2012
Did I say there is no time to waste not only because this revision takes up a great deal of time, but also because I have a finite life span. At an advanced age already, getting things out there now may lead to publication while I am still alive to enjoy that.
Posted on September 26, 2012 .