Labour Day. Toronto Island Escape. .

 Perhaps my last trip to the island now that September has come and summer is over. Or not. Although it felt as if it likely was the last trip for many folks on the ferry. School starts tomorrow. Harbinger of another season as is the fact that daylight gets shorter by a few minutes each day. I won't miss the humid heat, but even so I enjoyed the summer this year. There was so much to explore in the area of the city where I now live. Gradually I am doing so and feeling more at home each passing day.

On the island, I continued reading a thick book on Africa (The Fate of Africa) for a course in the fall. Although had I discovered this book myself, I would have read it anyway. Well written and very informative. I also found a bench in shade on Algonquin Island where I could see bits of the air show taking place at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) today. And walked a bit.

So, fall is in the air and as well as continuing to write on various writing projects, short stories, the memoir, I will pick up my TI|FF tickets this week and go to my first of 10 films on Thursday.

Posted on September 3, 2012 .