Welcome 2013!

All the excitement of a new year dawning. How will it be different? How will it be the same? I don't have to even imagine I will be moving in 2013, having accomplished that massive undertaking (after over 40 years in the same house) early in 2012. And I can't lose a brother again as I only had one. That was the saddest moment in 2012, to lose a sibling. But I have such good memories of him and his gentle nature. Memories that I share with others in the family... my sister and sister-in-law, etc.

In 2013, I look forward to hearing from the agent that she has found a publisher for my mystery novel, WHITE RIBBON. It's time for another published book, however that happens. What would be most desirable would be a trade and e-book by a trade publisher. There, it's out there. My wish for this book. It's a good read, I'm told, set in a downtown Toronto church with a cast of characters from varied backgrounds.

I also look forward to a bit of travel now that I don't have a house to look after and my foot surgery is behind me. Indeed, I'm walking a lot and dancing again. And will dance in the new year shortly. With that lovely thought, all the best to anyone who happens to read these meanderings, including family and friends and colleagues, written on the cusp of 2013. And a happy and healthy new year to us/you all.

And oh yes, I'm reading at LitLive in Hamilton next Sunday evening, January 6th 2013.

Posted on December 31, 2012 .