Life of a Writer. 19. Waiting for the next book! Would I Lie to You?

No, of course I wouldn't lie to you. Would I Lie To You? is the title of my next book, another novel, just accepted by Inanna for publication in the not too distant future (date yet to be announced!). It still doesn't feel quite real, but nonetheless it is exciting. Once I stop shouting from the hilltops and come up for air, I will get on with the mystery. But for now, I am still shouting!

Here is a very brief synopsis to whet your appetite.

As her husband lies dying, Sue goes to see a psychic who tells her there is someone like a son in her life. She dismisses this, but at Jerry’s funeral his son turns up, a son Sue didn’t know existed.  She regrets never telling her husband, or anyone else, about the baby girl she gave up for adoption when she herself was only sixteen. At the same time as she starts to look for her daughter, she begins to rely on Hans and discovers he is struggling with difficulties in his own marriage.

Posted on June 22, 2013 .