Life of a Writer. 23. Writer as Reader (continued).

One of my favourite reads of late, Lisa Moore's 'Caught'. A thriller with a difference. Hard to put down, characters I felt I knew, poetic descriptions. And not only that, it is a Canadian thriller. And a literary one. The latest novel in the hands of one of our most exciting up and coming authors. Although that description is probably not accurate any longer as Moore has already arrived, and sparkles, on the literary scene. Indeed, we know already to watch for her work.

Another favourite read was by the established and Pen/Faulkner award winning American author, James Salter. 'All That Is' is a haunting novel of the life of one man that begins in the final days of WWII in the Pacific. After that it wends its way through Philip Bowman's life and that of his friends as he succeeds in the world of the literary editor and flounders in his personal life. The landscape is the American publishing industry and the story of this one man's personal journey through many entanglements. Beautifully written, I also gobbled it up.

Other Readers?

Posted on July 25, 2013 .