TIFF 2013.

September in Toronto is the time for the Toronto International Film Festival. Time to stand in lines and talk to others attending. Even though my films have been chosen, a time to listen to what others have seen. Everyone so knowledgable about directors, actors, what is hot! Sometimes I have added to my list on this basis. Sometimes I have made new friends. I have met people from many American cities who come to Toronto to spend time at the Festival. So much fun.

So far I have seen three excellent films. The first was Exit Marrakech, a father son story set in  places I recognized from my January trip. What wonderful scenery and a moving coming of age story where both son and father moved through significant passages and came to a reconciliation. Next was a coming to terms with the war story called  The Railwayman, starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. A large Q&A panel thar included Firth as well as the actor who played his younger self. Harrowing war scenes seen in flashbacks, but a final remarkable forgiveness of the tortuer that led to an unlikely friendship. And saved a marriage. Then a delightful romantic comedy, Enough Said. So that even standing in line in the rain for two films on Saturday was offset by good conversation and excellent films!

More to follow!
Posted on September 8, 2013 .