Life of a Writer. #29. Looking Forward to 2014

 Looking backward, 2013 was a good year. Looking forward, 2014 holds great promise. A new grandchild in the spring and the launch of a new book in the fall. My second grandchild and my third book. Travels to include Montreal, of course, as that is where my grandchild will enter the world. Also, Cuba in March with a group from Ryerson's Life program and Newfoundland for the AGM of the Writers Union at the beginning of June.

In the meantime, a mystery aficionado is reading the latest draft of my mystery, The White Ribbon Man. I am hopeful that I will complete it soon and be able to send it to my agent.

2014 began at a New Year's dance at Mad for Tango in downtown Toronto with a congenial group with whom I have taken many lessons and attended many dances. On January first, the year was welcomed at Ruby and Larry's brunch, a long time tradition by now. The food is always exquisite, the guests interesting, the camaraderie overflowing and always a cause the hosts have asked that we support. This year it was Willow, a support organization in Toronto for women going through breast cancer. 

And so, with hope and optimism, I greet 2014. Blessed by a family that is growing and friends who enrich and challenge me. I looked over the events of the last year and created some goals for 2014 that include enjoying the upcoming events.

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Posted on January 3, 2014 .