Life of a Writer. #31. The Art of Revision.

Oh yes, a title to obscure the drudgery of revision. It is art, is it not? Or will produce art. As writers what we know is that it is necessary. Inspiration may be what first drove what we are working on, but once those halcyon days of flashing lights and long hours capturing those images have disappeared into the past, what we are left with is shaping, cutting, adding, redoing. Whatever words fit the 90 percent of the work of creation. It requires persistence, dedication, joy and sorrow. Probably much else as well. Patience. Quiet surroundings usually. An understanding family if one is lucky enough to have one. A supportive spouse/partner, also if one is lucky enough to... These supportive people may help us financially as well as emotionally. Or we may have to do this for ourselves. But one way and another, we find our own way through the morass of figuring out how to find those long hours to put in on writing and revision.

In my case, I have the readers' comments from the publisher about my upcoming novel, Would I Lie To You?, and am working on incorporating the ones I agree with prior to editing further with the actual editor of the small press that will publish my book in the fall. One wonders at times if it never ends and then is grateful that when the time comes, the book that emerges will be a better one!
Posted on March 29, 2014 .