A New Novel... Coming Soon to a bookstore or library near you!!

You are invited to the launch of my new novel, Would I Lie To You? at The Supermarket,   268 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market, Toronto on  Thursday, Oct. 9th  at 6 p.m. Mark the date on your calendar.

If you don't live in Toronto, but know people would like to have me read in your town/city, that can be arranged. There is also Skype, of course!


Would I Lie to You? is a novel about secrets, secrets that even loving couples have been known to keep from each other. After ten years of marriage, Sue and Jerry each harbours a significant secret. In this novel, the son our protagonist didn’t know her husband had and the daughter she had when she was sixteen and never saw. 

When Jerry becomes ill and it’s apparent he’s dying, Sue visits a psychic, Hans, who tells her there is someone like a son in her life... and...


The novel confronts what happened when pregnancies were kept secret many years ago, what happens when mother and birth child look for and either find, or do not find, each other. It also explores the reality of family secrets, huge issues that are kept quiet under the veneer of polite society and that affect the individuals and families involved for lifetimes, even generations. The novel also raises the question of who is family and how do we create one.


Whether you can make it out to the launch or not, I invite you to read my new book! You are also invited to comment in the comments section of this site. Or you can email me at marylou.dickinson@gmail.com or add a comment to my website at www.maryloudickinson.com  

Please pass the word along. Word of mouth is a powerful way to garner attention for a book!

Posted on July 30, 2014 .