Life Of A Writer. What's In A Name?

Yes, what's in a name? In this case, the name for a character. Just think, the writer needs to remember the names of the characters in his/her novel. Especially that of the main character, wouldn't you say!

Well, I wrote a mystery that is now complete and is in the circuit, looking for an agent and a publisher. While in progress, people would ask what the name of the detective was. I would tell them and then come home to find I had given the wrong name. So I would change it to something I was sure to remember. Then I would forget again. Finally I decided to give this man, yes the detective in my feminist mystery is a man, my maiden name.

So when the book breaks the surface and you read it, this detective's name is Jack Cosser. It was a friend who convinced me to change the first name from Alistair or Simon to Jack. So, eventually I did. At the same time the other cop became Simon.

At the moment, the title of the mystery is The White Ribbon Man. And the main character is Jack Cosser. Jack Cosser is the main character's name!
Posted on January 25, 2015 .