Why Would You Join A Writing Group?

There must be at least ten reasons for joining a writing group. So why haven't you done so? Or if you have,  have you taken stock to see if the reasons you joined are being fulfilled?

I can't imagine now that I resisted such a 'call' for so long, but am glad I finally took the plunge. Read on to find out why it was such an important step for me and why it could be for you, too.

1. Unbiased critique of my work. Funny how people I know want to read what I have written and they usually tell me that they like it. However, they don't tell me why. I guess it is difficult to articulate. So if they don't like it, they night say nothing. Whereas my colleagues in the 3 (yes 3 now) writing groups I belong to don't hesitate to critique the work because that's why we all joined these groups. This feedback can, and usually does, help us move to the next stage in our short story, novel or...

2. Colleagues who understand the difficulties not only of writing, but also of finding a publisher, using social media to create a platform, using websites and social media to promote our books. All of this is difficult and the information shared when we meet is invaluable. As is the support offered around all of this.
3, Social life. We often go out to a pub after two of the groups. The third is small and we take the first and last parts of our time to chat over the spectrum.
4. Suggestions of places to submit.
5. Suggestions of places to promote and present our work.
6. Sharing industry gossip.

This is just scraping the surface, so please add your comments below if you have other suggestions. These will benefit others, but also me.  And many thanks.
Posted on February 22, 2015 .