As I work with one of my writing groups on my memoir, Restless, I am drawn back to the place and time where I spent the early years of my life. Years away now and another era entirely. Once upon a time, I thought of it as a novel entitled Frontier Days. That novel later became, Ile d'Or, and it was published fnally in 2010, and was my second published book.That proved to me that dreams are worth following and that the long, circuitous journey of my life had been worth following. Not that there was much choice. When I look back on the journey, I did make choices, but the passion for writing never disappeared. And aside from my family as an ongoing priority, nothing else could ever dislodge it. I am grateful to have lived long enough to see dreams realized - the late arrival of wonderful grandsons and the excitement of published books!
My Books:
One Day it Happens (short stories) 2007
Ile d'Or (Novel) 2010
Would I Lie To You? (Novel) 2014
The White Ribbon Man (Mystery) scheduled for  2018
Publisher: Inanna Publications

Children's stories for ages 3 to 7
Big and Little
Bow Wow the Elephant
The New Baby

Posted on March 30, 2016 .