Always Looking For The Most Interesting Hat For A Writer.

And Doesn't This One Make Me Look Interesting? Ah well, beg as I would, cajole, plead my nephew-in-law was glad to loan it to me at the back yard birthday party where we gathered in Oak Bank, near Winnipeg, to celebrate Diane's 75th. The hat was certainly a conversation piece and a hit for the day and it shielded me from the sun. But no amount of entreaty would convince him to let me bring it home. When I realized what a special hat it was for him, too, as he had bought it on a family trip to Death Valley in the US and it looks good on him also, I stopped begging. I made sure I had photos though, so I could use them for occasions. Such as this post. And who knows what else?
Posted on June 25, 2016 .