Are the Dandelions 8" High?

 This house next door is a distraction from writing. The eaves have not been cleaned in two years, in spite of many notices from the city. The view from my bathroom window is quite lovely, but the water that runs down into the space between the houses and thus into my basement is another matter. As for the dandelions in the back yard next door, the city will remove them if they are 8" high and charge the owner for doing so. After whatever amount of time it takes to provide notice. If last year is any example, about the end of July when nothing has happened city employees will come and cut the grass and weeds down.

Well, maybe it's just a convenient excuse not to write this morning. Or to write a blog post rather than add to the manuscript I am working on now entitled May I Have This Dance? This is a collection of short fiction with some flash fiction at the beginning, a middle section of linked stories pertaining to dancing and some other stories written fairly recently. How it will evolve is still a mystery, but the work is progressing. In the meantime, my mystery novel languishes as does another novel and a memoir. All progress though, albeit slowly, with the focus of work shifting from time to time.

These are the dandelions, just waiting for a breeze to waft over into my yard. The ones in the front were removed by a midnight posse! Or that's what I think happened.  In any case, those weeds ended up in my recycle bin and were collected by the city.
Posted on May 25, 2011 .