Fine Day in Montreal. June 2011

 I love Montreal. When it's time to leave, I'm never ready to go. This time the weather moved from cold to hot to cool again, but there was no rain. A colossal wind storm on Saturday when one ducked into doorways or a small coffee shop so as not to be blown away. Branches down. Went to a small dance studio to see (and dance a bit) some superb West Coast swing.

The photos were taken on the edge of Square St. Louis, a favourite haunt of mine. The Bixi bicycles were back at the edge of the park and I saw them being delivered at spots further north.

Went to convocation at McGill for Health Sciences, large crowd under the white tent. Impressive to see the diversity of the graduates of the 2011 classes.

Now in Toronto again where the grass was high (cut this morning) and the clematis had bloomed and wished me good morning today!
Posted on June 3, 2011 .