READER FEEDBACK. Please let me know what you would like to read on my blog.

Since I want to develop and maintain reader interest in my blog, I am rethinking my focus and seek your comments and feedback around that. I would like to know what you, the reader, would like to see when you drop by my blog. Please leave comments. I will try to reply to all comments and questions.

Writing is the underlying river of my life. That is the origin of the title of the blog, as well as the sense that it would resonate for others who feel the same way. The flow of this river has connected many disparate parts of my experience. I began keeping a journal when I was still a teenager and have done so in some form ever since. There are more than two drawers full of lined notebooks where, if I delve into them, I find quotes or descriptions I could use in a story or novel. On the other hand, there are pages and pages that bore me now. The digital journal I began to keep about ten years ago is not as full of repetition as I record there only when something actually feels significant enough to me to do so. I also edit as I go along or when I go back to look at an entry, something I would have considered a sacrilege in younger years.

Sometimes something comes to me as a story or an idea for a story. Or for a novel. It could be a character or an event. Or even a place as was the case in my novel, Ile d'Or. And in my collection of short stories, One Day It Happens, many are set in locales that interested me and where the skeleton of a story occurred to me.

I often refer to inspiration in my blogs.There are many sources of inspiration.  I have begun to journal by taking photos, finding they also act as inspiration and/or research for a story. Ultimately though it is hard work that gets a piece of writing finished and out there in the world where readers can read it. So, after the initial idea, I know I will have to nail my butt to the chair and get on with it. How long that will take is never certain. A full draft may come quickly, but then there is the endless and ongoing revision. All of this constitutes the life of a writer.

I am also trying to set up a regular schedule for writing and posting blogs so that you will know it is worth checking back. That may be difficult over the next month as I will have surgery on my foot soon and won't have access to my computer for a week or so. But when I do, I hope I will find your comments. At that point, I will continue to post something at least once a week, keeping what you want as well as what I want to share in mind.
Posted on July 25, 2011 .