Surgery as Inspiration.

This is more about not writing than about writing. When one has had surgery and is recovering, writing a story or poem or novel seems pretty remote. However, I have made a lot of notes about my hospital experience. All the contradictions of what one is told in hospital begin to fade quickly, so the notes will still be there if I want to try to create something later. Now I am simply pondering the reality of sitting at a computer at the same time needing to keep my right leg elevated to avoid swelling of the foot where the toes in question are now recovering. Also contemplating the reality of moving with crutches for the next few weeks because I can't put the front of that foot down for quite a while. I am far more mobile than I expected to be so that's a good thing, but there are endless challenges. I will try to see them as an adventure in healing. The carrot beyond healing is to get back to dancing. Long before that I will be writing, of course!
Posted on August 5, 2011 .