#7. Life of a Writer. Galloping Along.

Time to start writing again and with the speed of a horse galloping along, I have picked up the reins of that horse and am trying to go with the energy released. Having a new and peaceful place to write (above) helps. Peace also because of going through all of what a move entails and being on the other side of it, especially challenging after living so long in one spot. But a great feeling of freedom comes from having downsized.

I have finished the mystery I'd been revising and submitted it to my agent at HSW Literary Agency.  Am now working on a sequence of short stories and a memoir. It has taken a long time to find the narrative arc of the memoir, but I think I have it and the disparate chapters are starting to hang together. Seems so obvious that it would be my own journey as a writer. When I started to write this, I was at a different stage of that journey and saw others things as the predominant theme. Ancestors. Travel. The North. As it turns out, they are all very important to my journey and their presence is not diminished. Just that they are linked by a spiritual and artistic journey that is mine, undoubtedly shared in many ways with other artists/writers.

Keep posted! The writer's work continues. And I will be pleased if you decide to share some part of your own story in a comment!
Posted on July 16, 2012 .