Morning on Toronto Island. Looking for inspiration!

Up early, quick trip to the ferry, across to Centre Island. Then a lovely walk toward Ward's Island along paths and the boardwalk. A muffin with these huge sunflowers beside the table, reading the morning paper. Not sure I found inspiration, but I did find the morning breeze blowing off the water, scads of kids in groups with leaders enjoying a beautiful day, tennis players cavorting on the courts, all this island just across the water from downtown has to offer harried and hot visitors who arrive all day by ferry and make their way back to the city when they are ready. For me, that didn't take long today. I came home and faced again the manuscript I am working on, one that was critiqued the other night at my writing group (Moosemeat). Dealing with the feedback always raises questions that when I deal with them improve on whatever work I am doing. The big challenge sometimes is to accept what is useful and reject what is not. In the end, each piece of work is the author's. Each ultimate decision belongs to that one person. Ah, the road of life, these analogies true of that as well.

Posted on July 24, 2012 .