Another book to read. 'The City's Gates' by Peter Dube.

I recommend Peter Dube's  The City's Gates. Intriguing novel set in Montreal prior to a global conference. The story unfolds enigmatically as a researcher seeks to find out about the groups who might disrupt the conference. There is always an air of mystery that keeps the reader guessing, but this is no traditional mystery. Documents with names and/or dates blacked out. Why? The novel is based on a very deep political understanding. This author has a wonderful grasp also of language and how to use it and it is always a pleasure, with much discovery involved, to read his work.

I am also reading a more traditional mystery set in Venice by Donna Leon who has written over a dozen mysteries in the Guido Brunetti series. These are fast paced stories with an intriguing detective who holds the fabric together. One also learns about his family and various other characters, always with the Commissario's Point of View the predominant one. As I am attempting also to write a mystery, this is an interesting read from that perspective also. I am using more than one Point of View and trying to figure out how to do so without slowing down the pace of the story.

Maybe I ought to call this post 'The Mystery of Writing.'
Posted on February 27, 2013 .