Life of a Writer. #14. Writer as Reader (continued). Sweet Tooth.

The latest book I've read was Ian McEwan's Sweet Tooth.  It seemed a peculiar title for an Ian McEwan book, but then the vast array of topics he has taken on is amazing. So why not something about my own struggle with a sweet tooth. Mine, of course, is mundane and refers only to the fact that if there is dessert or candy or something sweet around, I will eat it. The rationale is that if I get rid of it, no matter how much there is, it will be gone. Then it won't be able to tempt me. Yes, really! I used to think it wasn't such a bad thing, nothing like drug or alcohol addiction. Or smoking. But what a delusion, sugar being one of the main culprits in many diseases. So, I don't buy sweets and if I have them when I'm out, I am able to stick to one serving. 

You weren't interested in that diversion, I'm sure, so back to the book. It was the title that had me take a sidetrack. Maybe it will have that effect on you also.  Until you find yourself caught up in McEwan's literate prose and clever plotting, in the foibles of his characters. And the actual meaning of Sweet Tooth, a code name at M15 for an intelligence project given to the main character to carry out. The novel is told from her point of view, a young woman who seems to walk into situations rather than go looking for them. I was intrigued and kept reading, which you will also have to do to discover the intricate plotting and conclusion in another display of exquisite writing by McEwan. Yes, another good read. Another coup for McEwan who never ceases to amaze with his versatility.

Even so, I found the book just a bit too clever in a way that seems to create distance from the characters rather than a sense of compassion for them.  But that's me! Draw your own conclusions.

Posted on March 13, 2013 .